Our Montana Outlaw BBQ Beef Rub is powerful enough to stand up to big cuts and long cook times but refined enough to elevate your steak game.

Montana Outlaw BBQ Beef Rub enhances the taste of beef with a combination of salt, pepper and garlic.  The salt in the rub helps pull moisture out of the meat to concentrate it’s natural flavor.  It also helps tenderize the meat.

This beef rub includes smoked paprika, giving the meat a nice color.  We’ve also included onion and sugar for an elevated flavor and the activated charcoal offers a natural smoky flavor.

As always, our rubs have no MSG or gluten.

Watch the full video here.


For smaller cuts such as steaks, apply a light to medium coat of MOB Beef BBQ seasoning on all sides and tap in. You’ll know you have the right amount when you can still see the marbling through the coat of seasoning. Let smaller cuts rest 10-15 minutes so the rub to penetrate the meat and pull out moisture.

Prime Rib:

With larger cuts, apply the rub in a medium to heavy coat on all sides – so you can no longer see the meat.  Because the meat is a larger cut, more seasoning is needed to penetrate.  It will also help in getting a good bark on the meat.  After seasoning, let it rest 30 minutes  or until it starts to sweat.


Because briskets are larger, you can apply more rub.

Especially for competition cuts, we like to add layers of flavor using several rubs.  When making brisket, we add a layer of Blues Hog Bold & Beefy Rub, then top it with a medium to heavy coat of our Montana Outlaw BBQ Beef Rub on all sides.   We finish it with our rub because our rubs are specifically designed to add a rich color to competition cooks.

Let the meat rest for 8 hours in the refrigerator so the flavors from the rubs can penetrate the meat.

Watch the complete Competition Brisket video here.