About 100 people attended the launch party

We had the great pleasure of hosting a big backyard, launch party at our home in Park City, Montana last Sunday. It was a great turnout and perfect opportunity to announce our new project–BBQ Hero! Friends and family gathered for a beautiful summer afternoon. We had cold beer, hot food and lots of laughs.

BBQ Hero is way to give back to those that give so much. Nominated and selected local heros will be awarded with this one-of-a-kind barbecue experience. Montana Outlaw BBQ will come to the hero’s community to surprise them  with a brand new grill, all the utensils, tools, and supplies. Not only will they get the set-up, but the guys will also show them how to cook outside and share some of their favorite recipes for getting friends and family together.

The ideal BBQ Hero is someone who tirelessly, selflessly, passionately gives back to their community. It might be the art teacher that buys all of the supplies out of their own pocket and creates genuine, positive relationships with students who need a little extra love and attention. Or it might be the little league coach that inspires his team to be better human beings by exemplifying compassion, courtesy, and celebrating the small things in life. Maybe it’s the veteran who now serves on the volunteer fire department.

To nominate a BBQ Hero, go the webpage, fill out the application and create a short video explaining why this person is special.

Our family is feeling very blessed today because of YOU! Thank you for the love and support and making our big announcement a success! We can’t wait for BBQ Hero to take off and celebrate some great stories of deserving people.
Thank you to the ladies behind the scenes. ❤️ We love you.
Thank you for making us look good. 📸🎥 Kayla Janowski
Thanks for making us sound good 🎤 Mark Donohue
Thank you for putting together the awesome video🎬 Andrew Seeman
Thanks for the birds eye view. 🦅Milo Solomon
Thank you for the pork and support over the years 🐖 Compart Family Farms
Thanks for the beef and encouragement! 🐂 Stone Ranch Montana Wagyu
Thank you for keeping us hydrated 🥃Montgomery Distillery
Thank you for the top notch website redesign💻Zee Creative
Thank you to all of our family, friends and community. We are truly grateful.