Brisket is one of the largest cuts of meat – so it’s no surprise that we usually have leftover smoked brisket in our fridge or freezer. Here are a few recipes we like to make when we have leftover brisket.

As a base, we use our simplified Smoked Brisket recipe – we have taken our competition skills and mastered a easy brisket recipe (without all the ingredients we use in competition).  It comes out great every time and can be used in multiple recipes.

Brisket Enchiladas

This is a quick weeknight recipe to use up leftover Brisket – it’s sure to win over your family and will have them asking for more the next time you suggest it.

See the recipe here

Brisket Nachos

These quick and easy loaded nachos are completely customizable.  Enjoy them as an appetizer on game day or as a meal with your family.

See the recipe here

Brisket Ramen

This brisket ramen, topped with some cilantro and a soft boiled egg is a rich and warm treat that will keep you going on the coldest of nights!

See full recipe here

Brisket Bruschetta

A unique take on the classic bruschetta using leftover brisket. Make it as a striking appetizer or load it up and eat it for a meal.

See full recipe here

Brisket Grilled Cheese

Why not add some brisket to your grilled cheese? This recipe is our outlaw take on the classic cheesy meal, perfect for a speedy weeknight meal.

See full recipe here

We hope you enjoy these suggested recipes as much as we do, and please, show us what you use your leftover brisket for (tag @montanaoutlawbbq)!