We’re adding to our exotic outdoor cooking series with a dish that’s going to shock and awe your guests: ocotpus!

Grilled Octopus

Course Main Course


  • octopus
  • olive oil
  • lemon juice
  • salt & pepper
  • BBQ sauce We used Blues Hog
  • lemon zest


  • Trim by removing beak, then separating the head from the tentacles.
  • Dip tentacles into the boiling water 3 times, holding them in the boiling water 2 to 3 seconds each time, until the tentacles curl up.
  • Place the entire octopus in the boiling water. Simmer20min/pound.  When it’s done, it will be fork-tender.
  • Remove from pot, dry off as much water as possible and move to bowl.  Add drizzle of olive oil, juice of half a lemon, salt & pepper.  Chill in refrigerator 30 minutes. 
  • Heat the grill to 350°-400°.
  • Place octopus on grill and glaze with BBQ sauce and lemon juice mixture.
  • Grill octopus until charred on all sides, approximately 3-5 minutes.
  • Garnish with lemon zest and serve. 


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