We are the Hamilton family – Montanans born and raised. We are a competitive BBQ team, makers of BBQ rubs, and the guys behind BBQ Hero.

We started doing BBQ competitions in the early 2000’s. The first competition we went to was in Worland, Wyoming. We loaded up everything in a stock trailer and looked like the Beverly Hillbillies rolling into town. A couple of years ago we decided to make Montana Outlaw BBQ rubs. It took several trials and errors to get the perfect blends, but none of our friends ever complained about being taste testers.

We want to share the love of cooking and get people together to eat. We hope to guide you in your cooking adventures, we’ll focus on barbecuing, of course, but we’ll look at all different kinds of grilling and smoking. We’d like to help inspire others to have success on the barbecue trail, or just in the backyard. Gather with your friends and family around really good food, while enjoying the beautiful outdoors!


Giveback to the community and empower BBQ enthusiasts everywhere with quality BBQ merchandise and recipes.


We offer championship rubs and share outlaw-style recipes for BBQ enthusiasts to bring family and friends together.

Award-winning Taste

  • 2016 Grand Champion Montana BBQ Cook-off | Absarokee, MT
  • 2016 Reserve Grand Champion Open American Royal World Series of Barbecue | Kansas City, MO
  • 2017 Grand Champion Overall Montana Pitmaster Classic | Bozeman, MT
  • 2017 Grand Champion Sam’s Club BBQ Tour | Renton, WA
  • 2017 Jack Daniels Invitational Barbecue World Championship | Lynchburg, TN
  • 2018 Grand Champion Overall Montana Pitmaster Classic | Bozeman, MT
  • 2018 Jack Daniels Invitational Barbecue World Championship | Lynchburg, TN
  • 2019 Grand Champion Overall Montana Pitmaster Classic | Bozeman, MT
  • 2019 Grand Champion Big Buffalo Crossing BBQ Cook Off | Munfordville, KY

Meet the Team


Rick Founder

The pit boss. He heads up the operation with full stream ahead. If you tell him “no, you can’t do that,” he’s been known to get red in the face, and dig his heels in deeper. You better believe he’s going to find a way to do it. Rick charges forward with big ideas and an even bigger heart. His love of family and community are admirable.



Ty Founder

It takes a special person to enjoy analyzing numbers, statistics, trends. Ty is that kind of special person. Problem + Ty = problem solved. He’s got the perfect balance of admiration for accuracy and bravery to try anything. He gets to show off his creative side when preparing new recipes for BBQ and home cooking. Ty never meets a stranger, and easily picks up a conversation with anyone.


Justin Hamilton

Justin Pitmaster

The cool, quiet one. Justin sits back and observes, doesn’t say much, but when he does you’d better pay attention. It’s always spot on. Justin keeps things running smoothly. When he’s not barbecuing he’s maintaining the family farm and ranch.