2020 Gift Guide

Who wants to be out shopping this holiday season when you could be sitting in your house, surfing the web for gifts?!  Whether they’re an hobbyist cook or the ultimate pitmaster – look no further.  We’ve got something for everyone on your list.

1, 2, 3 | Chicken, Beef & Pork Rub Sold in large or small bottles, having all 3 rubs on hand will make any cook, griller or pitmaster one happy man!  Each rub has a different taste, so they can use them when making anything from poultry to beef to pork to veggies – ANYTHING!

4 | Ball Cap This charcoal grey and black baseball cap is fitted and perfect for protecting from glare while grilling.

5 | Sticker This cool 4″ sticker makes a great stocking stuffer – he can put it on his cooler or wall to represent!

6 | Heather Grey T-Shirt This shirt is extra soft and looks good on anyone – especially a man who’s barbecuing.

1 | BBQ Rub Gift Box Set How about get her all 3 rubs in one perfectly packaged box?  She’ll have the seasoning she wants, when she needs it.  AND all through December, we’re donating 20% of the proceeds from the sale of these gift boxes to Operation BBQ Relief!

2 | Sticker She needs a sticker for her cooler, too!

3 | White V-Neck Get her her own cool MOB shirt.  Super soft, and the beautiful thing about white is you can bleach out any BBQ sauce stains.

4 | Ball Cap This hat is fitted and ideal for keeping her hair out of her face while eating BBQ!

1, 2 | White V-Neck & Heather Grey T-Shirt Like it sweet? Show how sweet you are by getting a shirt for each person on your list!

3 | Chicken Rub This rub is sweet and savory, with just the right amount of salt and smoke. Great for fast grilling or slow smoking, everything from poultry to fish.  Best of all, it’s available in 2 sizes.

1 | Beef Rub Black Pepper, salt and paprika make this rub a beef griller’s dream. Powerful enough to stand up to big cuts and long cook times but refined enough to elevate your steak game! Available in small and large bottles.

2 | Pork Rub Sweet and salty work together with a little more heat, making this a great all purpose rub. Sold in small and large bottles.

3 | Ball Cap Keep the HOT off their face with this cool hat!

4 | MT Outline T-Shirt The recipient of this bomb t-shirt will be sizzling!

1 | Ball Cap Get them outfitted from HEAD to foot in BBQ gear!

2 | Heather Grey T-Shirt Complete the outfit with this super soft, charcoal grey tee.

3 | Thermapen MK4 The accuracy of the Thermapen from ThermoWorks will insure your pitmasters’ meat is smoked to perfection!

4 | MT Outline Hoodie This hardcore pitmaster won’t just smoke meat in warm weather – you’d better get them something to keep warm during those chilly BBQ sessions.  Not to mention, it’s on sale!

5 | BBQ Rub Gift Box Set This gift set not only includes all 3 rubs for seasoning EVERYTHING, it also includes an insulated bag, coozies and stickers to show their love of barbecuing everywhere they go!