We were proud to compete in the Jack Daniels World Championship Invitational Barbecue, held October 8-9. 

The Jack is Back!  We had a hell of a good time at the 32nd annual Jack Daniels World Championship Invitational Barbecue this year. Although we didn’t score how we would have liked, we couldn’t have asked for a better or better weather!  We can’t wait to take another crack at it next year.

Friday, we were  selected to compete in the ‘I know Jack about grilling’.  In this competition, 5 teams are each given a box of mystery ingredients, as well as a Primo grill, gas grill and a smoker to cook on.  The teams are given 10 minutes to evaluate the ingredients and plan their meals.  Then, they have 1 hour to prepare a main, side and desert for 5 judges.

Our team included Ty as the main chef, Shawn (cousin) as the helper & desert chef, and Chris (cousin) as the runner.

This was an exciting contest that tested our chops as BBQ chefs.   Watch our video recap on Instagram.

Our day ended with a parade, then a shuttle to the (in)famous Hill.  We had dinner, drinks and live music with cherished friends and family.

On Saturday, we were among 74 championship teams from across the US to compete. We shared a live, behind the scenes video during box turn-ins – watch that on Facebook.  After the last turn-in, we sat back and waited for the final results.

Congratulations to all the teams who kicked butt and placed:

Grand Champion: Gettin’ Basted
Reserve Grand Champion: Slaps BBQ
Chicken: Slaps BBQ
Ribs: Shake ‘n Bake BBQ
Grey Street BBQ
Brisket: Poppa Pig

See all rankings here.

Thank you to Jack Daniels for hosting an amazing event and to our friends & family for the support.  We are grateful to Compart Family Farms for providing us pork for the event, as well as Outlaw BBQ Smokers for building us a custom trailer smoker.