We are still reveling at the exhilaration of participating in the Montana Pitmaster Classic, held August 27-28. 

Friday, we vended for an eager crowd, serving pork belly and pineapple kabobs.  We were happy to donate the net proceeds to the Gallatin Valley YMCA (via Kenyon Noble), as well as Heroes and Horses.  Heroes and Horses is a Montana-based, non-profit organization that offers combat veterans an alternative solution for defining and approaching their physical and mental scars.

Competition Saturday started with sunshine and whiskey.  We shared our traditional 9:22 AM shot with friends and other competitors to kick off the cook.  Everyone worked hard through the morning to meet turn-ins.  After the last turn-in, we sat back and waited for the final results.

Chicken – 1st place (perfect 180)
Ribs – 1st place
Pork – 2nd place
Brisket – 1st place

The awards ended with our names being called for Grand Champion.  We were excited to take home the title with a 711 overall score.  This marks the 4th year of the Montana Pitmaster Classic – and the 4th year we’ve taken this prize.

We were beyond humbled to be recognized at this incredible contest, and honored to be part of the BBQ community that’s become our family.

Thank you to Kenyon Noble for hosting such a top-not event and to our friends & family for the support.  We are grateful to Compart Family Farms for providing us pork for the event, as well as Outlaw BBQ Smokers for building us a custom trailer smoker in time for this competition.