Our Montana Outlaw BBQ Pork Rub elevates the taste of any cut of pork, with savory notes, plenty of salt and less sugar.  There’s paprika and charcoal to give it an added smokiness flavor.  As always, our rubs have no MSG or gluten.

The salts in the rub react to the moisture in the meat to concentrate the meat’s flavor – to do this, you’ll need to let the meat rest after seasoning.

Watch the full video here.

Small Pork Cuts:

For smaller cuts such as pork chops, tenderloins or steaks, apply a light to medium coat of MOB Pork BBQ seasoning on all sides and tap in. The amount of seasoning depends on the thickness of your cut of pork – thinner cuts get a lighter coat of seasoning while thicker cuts get a medium coat.  Let smaller cuts rest 10-15 minutes so the  rub to penetrate the meat so the rest times will be shorter.


For our competition ribs, we use our pork rub in addition to another rub.  In this case, apply a heavy coat to all sides so you’ll get a good depth of flavor.  You’ll let these rest 45-60 minutes to ensure the rub penetrates before cooking.   Watch the complete Competition Pork Ribs video here.

Pork Butt:

For larger cuts, including pork butt, give a heavy coat of seasoning on all sides evenly and tap in.  You’ll want to season until the meat is no-longer visible.  Let your larger cuts rest 6-8 hours in the refridgerator.

Watch the complete Competition Pork Butt video here.