On our new COLLISION video series, Rick will be putting similar foods to the test and reporting on how they compare.

This weeks episode is Ground Chuck vs. Impossible Burger, where we compare burgers made of ground beef chuck and plant-based impossible burgers: how are they different, how are they similar and which is BETTER?  Watch the complete video here.


We seasoned both the Ground Chuck and Impossible Burger with a light coating of Montana Outlaw BBQ Beef Rub on all sides.  Smaller cuts of meat require BBQ seasoning.


The burgers were seared on our Blackstone Griddle.  Because the Impossible Burger has less fat content, we added some oil to the griddle to prevent sticking.


In the blind taste test, Rick was immediately able to tell the difference between the Ground Chuck and the Impossible Burger.

Impossible Burger
  • Uniform texture and color
  • Dry
  • Flavor is pretty good
Ground Chuck
  • Prior to the cook, it was pink color with variations of fat
  • Juicy and moist

Winner: Ground Chuck