We’ve added to our Outlaw BBQ Smokers collection with the new Patio Model.

As with their other products, Outlaw BBQ Smokers ensures each model is crafted with the utmost attention to detail, ensuring the highest quality.  This is evident in the craftsmanship and unique features.  Watch our product review video here.

We’re honored to be a dealer for the Outlaw Patio Model – email us for more details.


  • 24″ Diameter x 40″ Long Cook Chamber
  • 2″ Fully Insulated Front Load Firebox
  • Removable Expanded Metal Cooking Grates
  • Fully Steerable Pneumatic Wheels
  • Elevated Fire Basket with Ash Pan
  • Tell Tru Thermometer
  • Outlaws Bottom Intake
  • Cook Chamber is blasted and coated with 1200F paint


About Outlaw BBQ Smokers

Outlaw BBQ Smokers is a sector of the family-run business, Craig Welding.  These passionate fabricators are known for their meticulousness when engineering and constructing competition quality pits.  Keep an eye on this Indiana-based company; their specialty smokers are taking the industry by storm!