We love collaborating. We truly, honestly, whole-heartedly believe that working together is better than trying to do everything on our own. In effort to be authentically us and true to our roots, we want to use Montana made products. Today, we are thrilled to officially announce our partnership with Stone Ranch Montana Wagyu.Stone Ranch

They are an amazing family, running a high quality operation.  Stone Ranch Montana Wagyu is a ranch-to-plate family business. The multiple generations work together on the cattle ranch and provide top notch products and customer service to restaurants, as well as directly to your door.

“Wagyu is prized for its highly marbled meat, which imparts a gently sweet but savory flavor and makes it uniquely tender compared to even the highest end commodity beef.”

Their values align beautifully with ours, they treasure family, craftsmanship and collaborating.  Stone Ranch’s mission is to

“Provide a Montana culinary experience that rivals the magic and wonder of the place we call home.”

That speaks to us. We feel that in our bones. We do things with a pioneer spirit and charge boldly in direction of our dreams. Montana Outlaw Bbq and Stone Ranch Montana Wagyu are proud to be Montanans and strive to be the leaders in creating a remarkable food culture in this state.

Through our partnership we’ll be using briskets from Stone Ranch during our competitions. We’ll also be featuring steaks, hamburgers, and many other cuts of beef in our videos.

Together, Montana Outlaw Bbq and Stone Ranch Montana Wagyu, hopes to bring joy to your family table. The next time you gather enjoy a Montana made meal of wagyu beef and seasoned with our rubs.