Remember when you’re teacher used to say “show your work”.  Well, someone recently asked us what our competition stats were, so we’re breaking down the numbers.

Since 2016 we have competed in 42 contests in every part of the county (with a year off in 2020 due to COVID-19). Since then, we have received the following accolades:

34 Overall Top 10’s including:

3x Reserve Grand Championships

  • 2016 American Royal Open Reserve World Champions
  • 2017 Nile Beer B Q
  • 2022 Montana Pitmasters Classic

7x Grand Championships

  • 2016 Montana BBQ Cook-off
  • 2017 Sams Club Renton Washington, Montana Pitmasters Classic
  • 2018 Montana Pitmasters Classic
  • 2019 Montana Pitmaster Classic, Big Buffalo Crossing Munfordville Kentucky
  • 2021 Montana Pitmasters Classic

5x KCBS 700+ scores

4x KCBS 180 perfect scores

19x Top 10 Chicken Calls

19x Top 10 Rib Calls

23x Top 10 Pork Calls

19x Top 10 Brisket Calls

We’ve got 1 scheduled contest in 2022 – the Jack Daniels World Championship Barbecue Invitational. Follow along on social media to see BTS and watch what we’re up to!

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