Turkey Smoke is a KCBS ancillary competition category, presented in partnership with the. National Turkey Federation. We’re giving you the low-down on the category and how we’ve made our entry in the past.


Chicken Rub

Sweet and Savory with just the right amount of salt and smoke.  This rub adds the perfect flavor profile and color to competition turkey. Small: 7.4 oz | Large: 13.9 oz

Smoked Turkey

Whether you're at a KCBS competition or in your backyard cooking for a group - this simple recipe yields a juicy and delicious turkey.


  • turkey In competition, the National Turkey Federation will provide the cut of turkey
  • clarified butter
  • Montana Outlaw BBQ Chicken Rub


  • Inject with clarified butter working in a checkerboard pattern, 1” at a time.
  • Season with Montana Outlaw BBQ Chicken Rub to give it crispy skin.
  • Smoke at 300° until internal temp reaches 165°, about an hour and a half to two hours.
  • Rest for 5-10 minutes and carve.